Bad Blogger

Psalm 100:2. Serve the Lord with gladness.

I have been a very bad blogger! So first I’m going to give all my excuses and then just plead for forgiveness.

Last week after work Kristobaby and I drove home for a few days to see family. We had to leave Monday night because Kris had to work early Thursday morning and we wanted as much time as possible visiting. So we left promptly at 9pm all loaded up on McDonalds, Taco Bell, and KFC. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the Mike and Ikes.

Here’s where the trouble started. They knew we were coming home so all the road workers gathered on the interstate and decided to do some rock blasting that set back our trip. We didn’t get home until 2am. So my mission from then on was to spend as much time as possible with family, which meant no blogging, and no working out!

I love coming home. I love being able to see my family, I love playing games and watching movies, I love that I know where Mom’s candy stash is, I love that I somehow gain like 5 pounds every time I visit, and I love that they always pay for my gas back home ;).

After two wonderful days relaxing, we headed back home and Thursday when I really wanted a day off to catch up on everything, I ended up having to work also. So that meant 5 days in a row of hard working and slack blogging.

Now, here’s the biggest excuse I have! Our trip home this time was extra super special because…

Meet Xena! She is our new 9 week old blue heeler, australian shepherd puppy love child. She literally takes up all of the spare time I have with her adorable little puppy eyes. Between the potty breaks, the play time, and the training; I have been one happy, busy girl!

So I do apologize for being so boring this past week, and will try to be better! And in case you still don’t forgive me, here’s my last little effort of pleading.


I’m Not Very Good at Running

Psalm 88:3. My soul is full of troubles.

Matthew 6:18. Your Father who sees you in secret will reward you openly.

Workout: 15 min Ab workout from Women’s Health Sept, ran 5 miles on the trail

I’m not fast. At all. I’m happy when I average under a 9 minute mile. The fastest mile I ever ran was 6:45 minutes and that was some time ago and it wasn’t without extreme effort. I often breathe through my mouth when I run and drop my head and land on my heels and do all the things that you’re not supposed to do. Clearly, my body wasn’t meant to run. But I can’t stop. I love to run! I love how much it makes me sweat. I love how it clears my head. I love the accomplishment I feel after a long run. Running is addictive even if you’re not very good. I’m so into it that when I look out the window and see someone going for a run, I feel like should be running.

After work today, I am heading home with my Slim Jim to visit my family. I am pretty family oriented and when I don’t see them for a while I start having withdrawls. I’m so excited to see them but so not excited to make the 4 hour drive tonight… I think I’ll need a little sugar to keep me awake… Yep, definitely!

The Red Rageous box is the BEST!

Is there anything you love doing even though you’re not very good at it?

Eating Healthy In College: Tip #4

Workout: ran 4 miles on the trail

Kris woke me up early this morning even though it was his day off (crazy man), but I didn’t mind because he took me to Mickey D’s for breakfast and (after lots of begging) ate with me at the park. Although, he refused to swing or play on the playground because he said he was too cool for that… yeah, right!

He got like 40 breakfast burritos, 1 hashbrown, and an orange juice, boy’s gotta get that vitamin C! I ordered the yogurt parfait and we shared an iced coffee that was a tad too sweet for my liking. I know, weird, it was too sweet.

Anyway, after that I busted out 4 miles at race speed and it was a glorious run! We actually had some clouds and the air was cool today and I realized how much I’ve missed running outside.

On to the tip for today!

Dorm Food

My freshman year I lived on campus in the dorms. While I didn’t enjoy my whole dorm experience, I actually got very lucky in the food department. I went to the University of Washington (I transferred after 1 year to Central Washington University), and they are a very liberal and diverse university. The options in the cafeteria have such a wide range that everyone is able to get what their heart desires. But I made an effort to stick to healthy grub most of the time through these ways.

-Try out the vegetarian lifestyle. Don’t freak out, it’s not that scary and there are tons of tasty options. I actually challenged myself to go vegetarian the whole year and although it didn’t stick, I’m really glad I did. Your world gets opened up to so many new healthy foods when you aren’t always going for the chicken and pasta everyday. Which brings me to my next step.

-Stay away from the pasta line. When cooks have to make a butt load of food, you can almost guarantee that 1) it’s not whole wheat, 2) it’s bathed in butter, 3) the portion is gigantic and 4) once you start eating you’re not going to have the will power to stop. Just don’t even put yourself in that situation and if you absolutely must, consider it a treat and then hit the treadmill to burn those carbs.

-Don’t buy breakfast. That does NOT mean don’t eat breakfast. Don’t you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? But this is just my personal preference because first of all, you’re going to save a lot of time. Those lines aren’t worth getting up a half hour earlier. Secondly, you’re going to save a lot of calories when you’re not reaching for that muffin with you’re king sized scrambled eggs and your grande caramel macchiato. My tip is to buy that big Costco size pack of instant oatmeal and have one a day with some fruit. These are the perfect portion, easy to make and store in you’re jail cell of a room, and pretty filling. You can even add nuts and what not for added protein.

– Take advantage of the salad bar. Seriously, where else are you going to get fresh tasting fruit and veggies all year ’round for the same price? You don’t have to slice any tomatoes, dice any onions, chop any lettuce and there’s a whole variety of dressings. I’m telling you I was a super fan of the salad bar and I miss it. Waah.

– Live on the top floor. This isn’t really a tip but having to live on the top floor sure made me eat a lot less sweets. When I’d have a craving at 9pm, the last thing I wanted to do was wait 10 minutes for the elevator or walk down and back up 11 flights of stairs just for a chocolate chip cookie.

Anyway, that’s it for today!

PS. Sorry no verse today. I’ll double up tomorrow though! And today’s Sunday of all days, gosh I’m terrible!

Eating Healthy In College: Tip #2 and sorta #3

Philippians 2:4. Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.

Workout: ran 6.4 miles on treadmill, 2.6 miles on elliptical

I’ve been such a good girl today! I woke up and went to the gym to run my 9 miles since I still can’t run outside with all this smoke. I set out to do them all on the treadmill but I guess Anytime has a rule about only being on each machine for 1 hour. If I had know that, I would have tried to fit as many miles on the treadmill as possible instead of just trucking along so I made the best of the elliptical and put it on super high resistance. Hello buns of steel!

After my workout I can home and made a yummy banana protein shake and created some veggie snack packs for the next few days to take to work so there’s no excuse to not eat veggies! Yay! I also have to share my delish lunch as well. I guess you would call it something like a southwest egg salad, I just call it tasty. It is made up of a spring mix salad, diced green peppers, black beans, 1 egg, and left over fresh cut salsa.

For you cheese lovers out there, this salad would probably be pretty good with your choice of cheese but I however, am not a fan. Which brings me to my 2 tips for eating healthy in college today. These are 2 things I avoid because I don’t like the taste but what I have recently found out is that they can save you a lot of extra calories.

You’re so Cheesey

I am crazy weird about cheese. I hate it on my salads and sandwiches but love grilled cheese sandwiches and pizza. Love brie and feta, hate swiss and cheddar. I know, I know makes zero sense but that’s just the way it is. But did you know that 1oz of the average cheese is around 100 calories. Every time you take the cheese off your sandwich, you’re eating 100 less calories and that really adds up. Think about all the things they add cheese on that you probably barely even notice. Now I understand there are many of you out there who love cheese almost as much as I love Mike and Ikes so if you can’t give it up, I understand. But it is something to consider if it is something you can live without.

Beer Belly

You won’t find me doing keg stands on the beach anytime soon.

I am one of those people who hates beer unless it’s and ice cold Corona with lime and even then I can barely do 2, so this isn’t really a problem for me. At parties I just ask if there’s anything else and if not, I go without. However, I understand that I am not the typical college girl so here’s somethings to consider for you beer loving peeps.

-Set out a limit for the night. This goes for all alcohol in general. Tell yourself you’re only going to have 3 drinks and then stop there. Did you know the average light beer and 1oz shot have around 100 calories? So even if you’re sticking to your caloric goal for the day food wise, you could go out and have 5 shots and be over by 500 calories. Then, you have a buzz going on and when someone walks in the door with pizza, all your will power from the day can go out the window and next thing you know you’re shoving slice after slice down your pie hole.

-Go with light. It really doesn’t taste any different and if your looking for a buzz, you’ll still get one.

-Be the DD. If all you need is an excuse not to drink, offer to be the DD. Everyone loves the buddy who’s willing to drive their plastered face home and watching drunk people act like goons can often be just as fun as being one.

– BYOB. Avoid having to drink whatever cheap beer is being offered at the party (and looking like a total mooch) and bring you’re own. This way you have total control of what you’re drinking and how much.

-Save it for the weekend. One of the biggest problems I’ve noticed with college kids is that with their new found freedom, they take advantage of not having someone look over their shoulder and party nearly every night. Don’t ask me how because if I drank every night, I would never get anything done so I just save it for the weekends when I don’t have to worry about being functional the next day.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

Eating Healthy In College: Tip #1

Matthew 5:16. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

Workout: Circuit workout from Women’s Health September issue: 55min

Workout Yesterday: 5 miles on treadmill at Anytime

Let’s talk college. Once my friends find out that I am a Dietetics major I am always bombarded with questions of what they should eat to be healthy. Now we all know I am not the most healthy little lady when it comes to sweets and treats but in general I try to keep a much healthier diet that most college kids. So here is how I do it.

First off, I live with four roomies of which 3 are boys.This means there is always beer, pizza, chips, and junk in all its glory in our house… Because there’s five of us that means we all have to share groceries and it would be near impossible for me to convince everyone to go in on kale chips and almond milk all the time but at the same time I’m not going to eat Hot Pockets for the rest of my life so it takes a little compromising on all parts.

Count Your Calories

Ever tried actually measuring out the amount of food you eat? I’m talking grabbing measuring cups, spoons, and scales and leveling off to exact amounts. It can be pretty surprising when you look at how much you’re actually putting in your mouth. It’s the difference between 2 level tablespoons of peanut butter and 2 heaping tablespoons; and it equals over 100 calories. My Fitness Pal is great source because it has literally every food you can think of. And it’s portable with an AP for your iPhone. Writing down everything you eat, to exact amounts, and recording calories can really help you from going overboard.

My only warning is that it can become pretty addictive and not in a good way. I got to a point where I had been tracking consistently for so long that I had to always write things down and if someone offered me a piece of cake I would have to go back and re-work my menu for the entire day. I would be sitting on the couch watching Lost with Kris, but actually on my phone trying to remember every morsel of food that had gone into my mouth.

Now I mostly use the tracker to help give me an idea of the calories in a new meal because that is the best thing about tracking. The more you track and measure out the food you eat, the better you learn portion sizes and how to keep yourself in check. It can really be a great tool if you don’t turn into a crazy like I did.


Acts 20:24. So that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of grace of God.

Workout: 15min Ab workout from Women’s Health September Issue, Ran 5 Miles on treadmill while watching Spongebob at Anytime.

Workout Yesterday: Ran/walked 7 miles around town

First off, be so proud of me for running yesterday and not giving up like a total failure. But I also deserve a slap on the wrist for running outside instead of at the gym. I made a little compromise with myself. If I just went out and did it, then I could come home and make cookies for my staff meeting. Sometimes sugar is the best motivation (I know it’s only Wednesday but sweets in the middle of the week are ok if they’re for others right?) The beginning was great; felt so good and I was keeping great pace and pushing hard. It wasn’t until on my way back that I started to inhale all that fire smoke and it later made me feel so nauseous I had to lay in bed and watch Pretty Little Liars all evening. I started running to a new audiobook yesterday. If you are one of those people who is uber against audiobooks and think they’re for farty old men who spend more time in their car than at home, I urge you to reconsider. I really like running to a book because it takes my mind away from the actual task of running and it’s fun to escape into a different world. Anyway, the book I’m listening to is Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen.

If you haven’t heard about Born to Run, it’s about this tribe in Mexico who can run for hundreds of miles without stopping, without injury, and without boredom. Umm… Hello? Obviously they are some sort of super human alien race right? Well, I’m reading it for probably the same reason everyone else is: to learn all their dirty secrets!

Today I got smart and went to Anytime Fitness and ran my 5 miles while watching Spongebob because apparently the only other things on today were news and Roseanne. I felt bad when the old man next to me tapped my shoulder and said that my treadmill needed some oil. It was squeaking a little and I hadn’t even noticed until I took my headphones out but I really didn’t feel like switching half way through so I just kept running and silently apologized to everyone around me without headphones.

Some of my mail got sent to my parents house when we were in the midst of the move and I received the package of it from my mom today!

I love when she sends me little packages! She always includes little notes and some kind of treat 🙂 And yes, gum is now a treat for me ever since I cut the habit of going through a Costco size pack a week… I know I’ve got issues.

Lately, Daddy Long Legs and I have been battling over the computer. He has begun drafting his Fantasy Football teams and I have desperately tried to explain that my blog is much more important. So far, the only compromise we have come to is him helping me create a Fantasy team… Not exactly sure how I got roped into it but that’s what will be happening. Wish me luck because my knowledge of football doesn’t reach much further than “Sack! That! Quarter! Back!” or “Push ’em back! Take ’em down! D-fence! D-fence!” Yeah, I guess that’s just the ex-cheerleader in me.

Fire and When to Sacrifice Your Workout

Hebrews 11:16. But now they desire a better, that is, a heavenly country.

Ok so big news here in Eburg is the Taylor Bridge Fire. We saw the smoke yesterday afternoon but didn’t pay too much concern until last night when you could see the glow of the fire over the trees. After a mild panic attack and a few phone calls, I mothered everyone into packing a bag in case we were to get evacuated. As of now it is 6 miles away and 0% contained. The biggest problem is the Ellensburg winds that can carry the fire so quickly.


Here is the view from our yard of the smoke yesterday. Pretty spooky stuff but this is what really scares me.


This is a picture from one the websites I’ve been following. Wowy right? Super scary. I’ve also been following many Twitter feeds. Send your prayers to the families of the 60 plus homes that have been lost. Thankfully so far there are no injuries. We just have to sit and wait for the updates. So let’s lighten the mood a little bit.

This morning my plan was to run 7 miles on the trail but as I walked outside a choked a little on the smoky air I figured it wasn’t worth the black lung I would probably get. So then I decided just to go to the local Anytime Fitness. Now, I am not a gym rat in the least. I don’t mind going to a cycling class or kickboxing and even the elliptical is a nice sight for sore knees, but I would rather run outside in 14 degree weather than on a treadmill at the gym (I have done this by the way). But I saw the free 7 day pass and for some reason felt like it was worth it today and I haven’t done it in a while so maybe I’d like it now; kind of like how I used to hate mushrooms but would try them periodically to see if I changed my mind until eventually I did.

Anyway, I fiddled around at home for a bit and had some coffee and a banana with peanut butter then headed to the gym and arrived at exactly 941am. Now, why does this little fact matter? Well… guests can not  use the gym until 10 am (a little detail I had missed). I was not about to waste 19 precious minutes of my life sitting in my car until the gym opened so I went to the store to pick up a few things I had forgotten about yesterday. My head must have been clogged up with smoke because I bought yogurt. Yeah, yogurt that has to be refrigerated, which means I had to drive back home to put away said yogurt instead of just heading back to the gym. By the time I got back I had lost all gym motivation and started catching up on blog reading. It is now almost noon, I’m still in my workout clothes, Kris is on his way home for lunch, and I still haven’t decided on if I’m going to make it too the gym or keep following this fire. Time to search deep down again for some motivation…

When do you call it quits and say that the workout just isn’t going to happen? Is it ok to sacrifice it if it means doing something you don’t want to or am I just being a lazy bum?

Pizza’d Out, Passed Out, and Pushed Out

Romans 5:1-2Having been justiffied by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also we have access by faith.

Workout: ran 5 slow, hot miles on the trail

Apparently, I was the only one who thought floating the river would be super dooper fun yesterday so we didn’t go. But that’s ok because I spent the rest of the afternoon doing absolutely nothing but staying out of the heat. Kris had Wendy’s coupons so that was dinner. Kris got two bacon cheeseburgers that he practically ate out of the girl’s hand.

After eating those in 7.5 seconds, he pulled out his free chili cheese fries and I fought the urge to vomit and took a picture of them instead.

I said gross but Kris said they were decent. There is just something about greasy cheese goop that does not interest me in any way.

I usually don’t get anything from any fast food restaurant apart from whatever dessert is on the menu, but since I’m trying to behave, I got the spicy chicken cesar salad. I actually thought it was pretty good and even pocketed the extra packet of lemon garlic cesar dressing for later.  Kris still felt like he could eat a horse so I shared with him. He got the half where I piled up all the cheese.

Pizza’d Out

Around 10pm the roomies and I decided to order Dominos…again. What? Doesn’t everyone eat 2 dinners?  I’m pretty sure they know us by first name now because we’re their number 1 customers and took full advantage of their 50% off deal this whole week. Needless to say, I will NOT be having pizza for a very long time. I have had enough this week to last me a few months.

Passed Out

We decided to have some drinks and play some games celebrating the fact that our house is now complete with 5 people and 2 pups! We played a little 21 and then Catch Phrase best party game ever! After we laughed till our bellies couldn’t take it anymore and I had officially been up for 22 hours, we all hit the sack and passed out hard!

Pushed Out

I woke up at 8 this morning feeling like death, repeated the “I’m never drinking again” phrase a few times and got some ice water a coffee before laying back in bed and shopping on Amazon for 2 hours working up the courage to go run. I’m told that I’m crazy, but running always helps me feel better especially after a night of drinking. Just gotta sweat out all that poison. Finally, around 10, I forced myself out of bed and into a sports bra and shorts, laced up my tennies, and pushed my tush out the door. I usually try to eat something before I workout but it was just not happening today. It was a slow, hot, and rough run but it felt good and my nausea disappeared within the first few steps. I even considered to keep going but remembered that we had to go grocery shopping because our fridge consisted of little more than ketchup and hummus.

Once I stopped running I felt terrible again and couldn’t even attempt to eat my oatmeal for breakfast. If you know me, you know that I have oatmeal for breakfast every day so this is kind of a big deal. I downed a few blueberries and snacked on dry cheerios like a 3 year old then headed to town with the team. We were very successful in our first group shopping trip and I think I just might be able to live with these goons!

Off Week

John 20:28. My Lord and My God!

Have faith through your doubts, remember the miracles the Lord has given you, and send praise.

So I’ve had a really off week. Although I’ve been working out everyday and following the training schedule, I have taken it upon myself to rid Ellensburg of all their extra sugar…by consuming it. Even Kris said that he’s never seen me eat so many sweets. It seemed like everyday I found some excuse to treat myself. It didn’t help that Dominos was having a 50% off deal all week so Kris wanted to order pizza like  every day and you know what goes great with 50% off pizza? That’s right: Cinna Stix!

Last night was the second night this week that we finished a whole box of them! And that wouldn’t be so bad if dinner hadn’t consisted of left over fruit tart and caramel apple. I don’t know how I expect my body to run a marathon when it is fueled with junk all the time. So I have decided to challenge myself to save the sugar for the weekends so that my treats are actual treats instead of main food groups.

Anyway, on to less serious matters! Today is my rest day so the plan is to float the river after work today! Yay! Get a nice tan (more likely a burn), hang out with my buds, and forget about how all that sugar is going to make me look in a bikini… Darn you sweet teeth! Oh well, I can’t imagine a better way to enjoy the summer.


After work Lindsey and I busted out our workout from Level 3 of Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. If anyone could whoop my butt in 20 minutes, it’d be Jillian.

Little Bella was down to get shredded today too! Gotta work those little muscles!

After our workout, I went running for 6 miles and let me tell you… it was hot hot HOT! 90 degrees may be too hot to run in! Even though I was dying of heat exhaustion, I actually ran at a pretty decent pace . Maybe it’s because I ran along the road. It was all flat, no hills, and I brought a water bottle along with so I think that really helped me push through. Lindsey picked me up in the Subi so we could go get her truck from Les Schwab, and no we did not snack on any of the free popcorn.

Me all red in the face after those hot 6 miles.

It’s Saturday which means that KrisBaby’s favorite event is on and it’ll be UFC fights replaying all night long! Tonight is a special night because Kris’ man crush is fighting tonight. So cheer for Frankie Edgar if your watching! After a fairly productive day, I’m off to go enjoy the rest of that tasty fruit tart, some chips and salsa, and some quality time with my man and my pals!